ABC of Facebook

Course Overview: This beginner-friendly course is designed to equip adults with the essential skills needed to confidently navigate and use Facebook. We will demystify Facebook's jargon, provide step-by-step guidance on setting up and managing an account, and explore the platform's key features. By the end of this course, participants will feel comfortable using Facebook to connect with friends and family, join groups, share content, and understand privacy settings.

Module 1: Introduction to Facebook

  • What is Facebook?
  • History and Purpose of Facebook
  • The Facebook Interface: An Overview

Module 2: Setting Up Your Facebook Account

  • Creating a Facebook Account: Step-by-Step
  • Understanding the Facebook Homepage
  • Completing Your Profile: Profile Picture, Bio, and Basic Info

Module 3: Facebook Jargon Explained

  • News Feed, Timeline, and Wall
  • Likes, Comments, Shares, and Reactions
  • Friends, Followers, and Friend Requests

Module 4: Connecting with Friends and Family

  • Finding and Adding Friends
  • Managing Friend Requests
  • Interacting with Friends' Posts

Module 5: Exploring and Joining Facebook Groups

  • What are Facebook Groups?
  • Finding and Joining Groups
  • Participating in Group Discussions

Module 6: Sharing Content on Facebook

  • Creating and Sharing Posts
  • Uploading Photos and Videos
  • Tagging Friends and Adding Locations

Module 7: Understanding Facebook Pages

  • What are Facebook Pages?
  • Liking and Following Pages
  • Interacting with Page Content

Module 8: Messaging on Facebook

  • Using Facebook Messenger
  • Sending Messages and Making Video Calls
  • Managing Your Inbox

Module 9: Events and Birthdays on Facebook

  • Creating and Responding to Events
  • Managing Event Invitations
  • Remembering Birthdays and Sending Wishes

Module 10: Privacy and Security Settings

  • Understanding Privacy Settings
  • Adjusting Your Privacy Preferences
  • Protecting Your Account with Security Features

Module 11: Managing Your Facebook Activity

  • Viewing and Editing Your Activity Log
  • Deleting and Archiving Posts
  • Using Facebook Memories

Module 12: Advanced Facebook Features

  • Using Facebook Marketplace
  • Exploring Facebook Watch
  • Understanding Facebook Ads and Sponsored Content

Course Completion and Certification

  • Recap of Key Learning Points
  • How to Obtain Your Certificate of Completion
  • Displaying Your Proficiency Soft Badge on Social Media

Course Objectives:

  • Equip adults with the knowledge to set up and manage their Facebook accounts.
  • Demystify Facebook jargon and provide clear explanations of key terms.
  • Guide participants through connecting with friends, sharing content, and joining groups.
  • Ensure participants understand and can manage their privacy and security settings.
  • Introduce advanced features to enhance the Facebook experience.

By the end of this course, participants will feel confident navigating Facebook, connecting with others, sharing content, and maintaining their privacy and security on the platform.

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